Quality Control

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Quality Control

Every type of packaging on the market reflects the quality and attention manufacturers or distributors have paid to their products and consumers. Realizing the importance of your product image, World Packaging Industry Co., Ltd. pays heed to quality control in all manufacturing processes, ranging from identification and selection of quality materials, prepress, plate making, proofing, laminating and cutting to enveloping. All of our print works are carefully and thoroughly examined.

Packaging compliance with international standards and acceptance in terms of hygiene and safety is essential for your products. Our quality packaging is certified by the following globally accepted standards:
World Packaging     ISO 9001:2008
World Packaging     HACCP
World Packaging     GMP
World Packaging     BRC/IOP
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Material Acceptance Inspections

  • Samples are inspected by MIL-STD-105E standards
  • All materials are checked to ensure they are free from contaminants and hazardous chemicals.
  • Plastic pellets, films, glue and colors are of food grade, screened and quality-controlled to guarantee the highest standards in packaging.
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Inspection of Manufacturing Processes

Quality Aesthetics
Tensile Strength Scratches
Seal Strength Saturation
Cure Setting Trapping

Resemblance to Original Copy or Solvent Odor

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Inspection of Finished Products


Roller Printing Envelope Printing
Feeding Direction Dimensions
Repeat Length Seal Strength
Slitting Size Seal Permeability
Number of Film Splices  

General Conditions of Rollers